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Best Website Builders That Make Website Development Easy


To spread your word digitally you cannot rely on social accounts only. A permanent internet presence is mandatory which will add credibility to your work and will give you a platform to represent your brand image. Fortunately, these days you don’t need to search for developers or freelancers to build you a website. With these new website builders, you can create your own website the way you want.

  • Wix.com: Getting popular among the freshers with its free version it is the best website building tool which offers 500 MB of bandwidth and 500 MB of disk space. Here you can choose the template you want and add elements of your choice.
  • SiteBuilder: You don’t need to be a coder to use this tool, pick a template of your choice, copy paste your content and enjoy your dream layout. In case you face issues while using it, their live chat support will always be ready to help.
  • Weebly: Free to use, it offers simple functionalities and avoids the hassle of code. Considered to be good for bloggers, photographers it can create 10 pages website with 500 MB of storage.


These tools are recommended globally and even a web development company in Dubai promotes these tools. But to start with these tools you should know your requirements first.